GTS Windows and Doors installs over 90% of all products sold. The installation process is extremely important. As a company we go to great lengths to explain the installation options during the Selling Process.

In general, there are two options to installing replacement windows.

Insert Application: This type of installation involves leaving the existing (in most cases) wood frame in place, removing the sash and stops which hold the sash, and inserting the new vinyl window into the existing frame. The exterior exposed wood frame is then cladded with aluminum on site for a maintenance free exterior. Foam is installed in the cavity and new stops or the existing stops are reinstalled.

Full Frame Application: This type of installation involves removing the entire frame, interior and exterior casing, exposing the original studs. The new window is then installed into the stud opening, shimmed, foamed, new interior trim and aluminum exterior cladding to replace the existing exterior wood casing or alternately, vinyl exterior casing or brickmould.

Some of the advantages to a full frame installation are the fact that you maintain the maximum amount of day lite opening, making it look more like original windows. It also gives you the opportunity to insulate behind the existing wood frame which may not have been insulated with the original windows. A full frame installation also gives you the opportunity to upgrade the interior trim around your windows. Sometimes an Insert Application is necessary if the customer does not want to disturb the wood trim currently in their home, especially if it is an older home.

GTS Windows always recommends the full frame replacement whenever possible. They have carpenters that actually install the windows, so doing custom interior woodworking is not an issue during the installation.