Vinyl Windows

One of the main products offered are vinyl windows. GTS only carries one brand name product for vinyl windows.

KV Custom Windows is our top of the line vinyl window. The product is manufactured in Toronto, Ontario. We have several lines available to choose from with a variety of options. GTS primarily uses their 3-1/4” vinyl line. It can be installed as an insert or the preferred way, as a full frame replacement window.

KV Custom Windows has an excellent warranty, please visit for complete details on their warranty offered.

Steel Insulated Entrances

Entrance systems have become a large part of GTS Windows and Doors installations especially in the past 5 years or so. Initially all the emphasis was placed on energy efficiency, but now appearance and even more important, security have become the number one reasons for replacing doors. GTS sells a line of hardware which are not only heavy duty but also carry a Lifetime Warranty on the Brass finish against corroding. A deadbolt gets installed on every door that GTS installs.

Standard Building Products

Supply GTS with patio doors. They are maintenance free vinyl and come in a variety of standard sizes fitting most existing sliding patio entrances. They are available in a few different appearances like their garden door style which looks more like traditional French doors.

Other products

GTS also carries aluminum storm doors, Victorian wood and vinyl storm doors, skylights, bay windows, bow windows, vinyl siding products. GTS will also build sunrooms or sunroom additions from time to time. Given our background in building, this is easy for us to do providing we are not too busy with everything else we have to offer.